Four Kids were almost Kidnapped

It was early in the morning today that my sister told me news about the four kids who were almost kidnapped in Digos and was recovered here in Davao. The news said that the kids were given candies and in the later days were able to convinced to get into the white van, when one guy told them they will be sent in Manila, the kids were already scared and terrified, good thing that the van stopped because the men have to take their meal. When they found out that the van was not locked, the kids immediately ran away and was able to hide from the kidnappers, the parents were already nervous and scared that they would lost their kids forever, soon the police found the kids here in Davao already and they sent them back to their parents.

These news really caught my attention since Mj is going to school everyday only with her carpool, I am not that worried though because the school implemented a policy to do not allow the kids to go out without anyone in the family to fetch them, but those kids who were kidnapped was captured in the area where their house is near, that’s what I am concern about. That’s why I told Mj not to talk with strangers it is important to tell always the kids the precautions since there were times that they could be alone in the street, playing with other kids. And to do not joined their friends if they would go with the strangers, they should also reprimanded to do not accept any money or candies from them, this would lead them to convince the kids to get inside their car or van.

4 Responses to “Four Kids were almost Kidnapped”

  1. shydub says:

    Good thing those kids are smart enough to get out from the van as quick as they could. Thanks for sharing the info ann.

  2. anne says:

    your welcome shydub, oo nga eh, kasi kung nd nasa manila na siguro sila naun wahhh

  3. momgen says:

    Nibalik napod diay na nga kidnap no sauna sa amoa lugar kay ingon ana gihapon hitabo…

  4. anne says:

    lagi momgen maygani nakatakas sila