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Please Help Us Pray

I just visited my BFF Clarinda of My Rendezous at the hospital yesterday; she was admitted since Friday on the day of my birthday. She was planning to celebrate with me, my natal day at Forest Hill, she was even the one who suggested the place, we were so excited for the upcoming small party and she even plan to bring her niece with her. But I was so stunned when she message me on my phone last Friday that she was admitted as early as 6: a.m., she said that she chilled so much and she cannot breath, I could not believe it, I thought she was okay as her Mom told me on Thursday night when I messaged her in YM that she slept early.

As I and the kids were planning to go to the mall on Friday, I was not able to visit her, I thought it was just one of those usual things that a woman encounter during pregnancy, and I hope that she would only, spent there for two days and that she could still attend my birthday party, but then I was wrong, she message me again that she might spend there until Thursday. She said her UTI went up to her kidney and complicates to Pneumonia. I don’t know how to explain that, I am not sure. But I am asking you guys to help me pray for her and her baby as she told me this evening that her pneumonia is getting worst. Her doctor though is trying her best to have the baby okay, she is not bleeding, thank GOD; I am crossing my finger she would be alright soon.


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