You Are Not Alone

I guess you are all familiar with the title and the artist who sang that song, well the news that I just heard today reminds me of the song. It is devastated to know that our family friend’s husband just died last month, we didn’t know it until now. And the worst was that her husband died without her because she was here in the Philippines, enrolling herself for nursing. Her husband supposedly is here this year, but there was a sudden change of plan, she didn’t expect something like this would happen. It hurts her so, though the pain is slowly fading but the wounds in her heart would still mark forever.

To our family friend, I know the pain and we’ve been there before when our father died, it hurts and there are times that we cannot endure the pain, but God will always be there and would provide us a shoulder for us to lean on, I know that you know that because you are the one of the, living witnesses that GOD will never leave us, you are not alone Ate, in fact he would even carry us when we are already tired and exhausted of fighting the storms in life.

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At The Fun House

And so I celebrated my birthday yesterday with my kids, we went to this fun house or whatever you call it, where they can jump and jump. I thought that Faith would be alright there alone but I get so worried when I saw big kids jumping as if they don’t care of whom would they hit or step over at all, so I decided to get inside and assist my little baby who don’t care as well if she would be hurt inside, she enjoyed so much that she doesn’t like to go out anymore when its time for us to stop.

Before I went inside

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