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Lazy Day

I got a lazy day today, I didn’t do nothing except videoke from morning till afternoon if Kuya James did not go to bed to sleep since his work is at night, I did not stop singing, good thing it did not rain.

Kuya James did not sleep early today because he expected some visitors to come and since I was so tired and my head was totally blocked out of something to write for, I thought I just need a break from it, stay away from the computer for a little while, I even got to lazy to check the food that I cooked in my Cafe at Facebook that when I open my Facebook account tonight, it was all overcooked and cannot serve at all. So I have to redo the cooking again and hopefully it won’t overcooked this morning, I promised to check it out before it has gone wasted.

And after I sang like a hundred of songs from the wow magic sing, I finally got tired but I did not quit yet, still I sang a few and when Kuya James went inside the bedroom, I shut the microphone off and gone to bed to take a short nap, what a lazy day this is!

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