Lazy Day

I got a lazy day today, I didn’t do nothing except videoke from morning till afternoon if Kuya James did not go to bed to sleep since his work is at night, I did not stop singing, good thing it did not rain.

Kuya James did not sleep early today because he expected some visitors to come and since I was so tired and my head was totally blocked out of something to write for, I thought I just need a break from it, stay away from the computer for a little while, I even got to lazy to check the food that I cooked in my Cafe at Facebook that when I open my Facebook account tonight, it was all overcooked and cannot serve at all. So I have to redo the cooking again and hopefully it won’t overcooked this morning, I promised to check it out before it has gone wasted.

And after I sang like a hundred of songs from the wow magic sing, I finally got tired but I did not quit yet, still I sang a few and when Kuya James went inside the bedroom, I shut the microphone off and gone to bed to take a short nap, what a lazy day this is!

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Couples Corner # 2- The Day We Met

Rodliz’s Nest

No matter how many times
that I rewind
The good and bad memories in my mind
Can’t seem to get used to, this “new” me
full of hurt; some regret, reality

Felt it was coming, just didn’t know when
The way I feel can no longer pretend
for there’s more to the story, than whats being told
the he said she said its getting old

Time for a change, I’m tired of trying
Can only do so much, did too much crying
In the midst of my confusion,
This much I know
I still long to hear someone say
I don’t want you to go

This was the poem I wrote in a website where I met my husband, he was impressed and thought I was sincere of looking for someone I could be with for the rest of my life, but the story of meeting him in real was not easy, because his flight was delayed three times, first flight was supposedly made on January of 2007 but two days before his flight schedule, he had sent to the hospital for his feet injury, the doctor did not allow him to travel, the second was on March of 2007, he was already in the airport but the crew and staff did not let him in because they detected him with a flue, the third was on April and it was the worst because he was already in Washington DC and was in the airport, he found out his passport was not with him, he immediately went back at home in Maryland and yes of course he did not catch his plane because he was already late. The hope of meeting him would be compare to one strand of my hair, I even suspected him that he lied to me, that he might not really booked his flight and that he doesn’t really wanna come to see me. But in the fourth time he was able to make it and that was May 21 of 2007, and not only that he gave me our engagement ring.

This was he wrote on our thanksgiving day sort of engagement party:

Sometimes things happen by accident. On a day back in October 2006 a friend told me about “Cherry Blossoms” an online matchmaking service. I thought I would check it out. And as luck would have it after a couple of weeks and making a few new friends I saw a one young woman in there talking about aliens. When I looked at her photo she had a flower in her hair. I was impressed by her profile. It seemed very sincere.

Well I talked to her privately via the Cherry Blossoms website. And I began to know her better. I learned that her birthday was on October 23rd and I tried to send her some flowers. As it has been with us from the beginning, the flowers and chocolates got there a few days late (October 25th). By this time I had already developed feelings for her, but at first she was not interested in being “pursued.”

I was persistent and in early November while snoring I got a call at midnight from her. She said “promise you will never leave me.” Since that time I have come to know and love her more. Through many trials and tribulations I have finally made it do Davao to meet Mary Anne, MJ and the rest of her family. We have always been good together even when chatting on the net. And even though she was late greeting me at the airport. I did not give her “palo.” I will let MJ and Marielle do it for me. I have learned that Mary Anne, is cute and sweet and very very makulit. I also know she is the best thing that has come into my life. I look forward to many happy years with her and MJ.

This is one of our pictures on his first arrival

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