My Ever Dearest Teacher

During college I was not that fortunate enough to support my daily expenses, even though I was a scholar on the school that I went to. My co scholars knew that I really struggle my college just to finish it, there was one time that our Accounting subject required us to buy a book, the classes start with no book on hand, I just sometimes borrowed notes from my seatmates to cope up. I was really confused where to get a book or whom, I could get money to buy it. But GOD didn’t left me at that, he provided me the answer and you know what it is? Well, I didn’t know that our neighbor’s company was the one who printed the books, when I told their helper, whom I was close before that I got a problem, she told it to her boss unknowingly they were the one who printed the book, her boss, our neighbor then talked to me and said he could provide me that book for free. I was really happy, God had answered my prayer.
Moreover, the in charge of the speech laboratory where I was assigned to hear about my crisis in life, she offered me then her support for my daily expenses, she was the one who gave me allowance and snacks and everything in regards with my study until I graduated. You see, how fortunate I was? Even though I was already hopeless, God never ceased to help me those times that I was really so down, he provided me instruments and that was my teacher and my neighbor who help me to reach my dreams.

Yes, those were the days of sorrow and triumph, I really thank my teacher Mrs. Magpantay who never give up on me and had supported me along the way. Thank you so much Maa’m!

With Mrs. Magpantay

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  1. this is very interesting and inspiring story mami dear….I am proud of you….

    bait naman ni teacher…am sure she's proud of you too…of what you have accomplished in life…..

    thanks for sharing sis!

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