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It is Wednesday here once again and it has been a week now that I am looking forward for this MEME as I have many untold stories that I guess I’d like to share. But I thought we would go straight with how and where the couples meet hehehe just so excited here to share with you how we started and all the trials along the way before we finally met. Anyway, I guess I have to set aside that for now and would tell you about me and me and me lol just kidding, it is just he is a private person and due to his work before, it is better and more safe if we would keep those informations from the public, though I can post a little bit about him.

Now, let me introduce myself first, I am Anne, an orphan since I was on my third grade, from the day my father died, it was instilled in my mind that no one can help me except myself even though I have older sisters who took good care of me when I was in my elementary and high school, since I am the youngest in the family but I still grow up independently, like most of you here I struggle life to survive and to finish my college. Have you experienced when you ride a Jeepney and you don’t have a fare but because you want to go to school, you just ignore to pay your fare? I know it was wrong but those times I didn’t have any choice though I did not do it oftentimes, at that point all I had in mind is to go to school even I don’t have enough money in my pocket, there was one time also that I have asked our coordinator in the scholarship organization that I was into if she could get me as her helper in her house every Sunday, I was so glad that she hired me. I just stopped because the in charge of the laboratory I was assigned to as a working scholar offered me to finance my daily expenses, yes I was a scholar when I was in college where my tuition fee was free, so I don’t have a problem with that but my burdens were how could I get to school everyday not to mention that we are like how many kilometers away from my school and some projects that I need to attain for. But that struggles made me realize how important the family is in our life and I had wish that someday I would have a family on my own.

During college

I finished my college through my own determination and effort as a Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management Accounting. I thought my struggles would stop from there but I was deadly wrong, I never thought that GOD would still test me along my journey.

Maybe those hardships in life taught me to be friendly and be funny, well that’s the only way to weigh things when life is at stake with all the storms, that comes along our way. And those storms help me to be patience, I can keep things for so long to myself but once I would get to a point that I can take it anymore, I will just blow up. Being an orphan also made me so sweet to my two daughters though there are times we fight especially MJ, in the contrary I always make sure that they get the things that I never had before, though not too much because too much will not be enough, I had bear in Mj’s mind that the only treasure they could only get in this life is education, no one could ever take that from you, because it would be yours forever.

Terry is a simple man, they are nine siblings and he is in the third from the eldest. He was born in Georgia but went to many places during his work before, now his work is computer related to one of the company in Maryland, he got his master’s degree many years ago and now he is planning to teach in one place. Lol. He is a loving husband, very understanding, he got no child when I met him but obviously now he already had faith, our little Faith and he is so kind, my friends always tell me that I am so lucky to have him, and those trials in my life before prove me somehow that if once in your life, trials keep in your side, never lose hope because in some way a man would be there for you and will walk with you, hand in hand in your journey.

So when you are in search and still was not able to find the right man, be patience because the right one would be there for you. Maybe GOD let you choose to meet the wrong man so that when you meet the right man, you would value the person and the relationship with him. Love has a profound meaning, you can’t measure it so when someone said goodbye, accept it and let go of the past because that is the only way to find the partner and will hold you in the dance of life.


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  1. Hi sis, I don't know why my tears dropped upon reading your post. It's maybe because I found a lot of inspiration in your experiences being growing up as an orphan and hitting your goals with bravery and strong determination. You are so blessed that even though you had lacked the material abundance when you were young, the Lord never failed to supply your needs.. You see you have graduated and is successful nowadays. God has given you a wonderful partner cause He knows how wonderful you are and you deserve the happiness you coud get.

    Sis , by the way, I have your link added in my favorite blogs.. Hope you could link back..

    Mine is up

  2. That is what I want to share here sis, na yung trials, trials lang yan kaya natin lusutan yan basta we have that strong determination to achieve our goals. Basta we always pray I know Bro will never leave us

  3. oh my….glad to know about your inspiring story mami….pretty well said….thanks for sharing.

    parehas man diay ta Man-Ac…hehehhehe….ako wana jud nako nagamit akong degree dire…murag 0 value man tawon na dire woi..sayangan lagi ko…maong karon nag sugod ko from scratch….kay d man ma accreditan ang akong mga subjs.

    ka bata pa kaau sa imong pic woi…hehehehe….

    thanks tuod sa paglabay mami…ug sa comment pod….labay ko dire!

  4. Amen to that sistah.. kamukhang kamukha mo pla si MJ ano sis hehehe.. piiist batang bata pa dito si Mr. Terry hehehe… thanks for sharing this to us..

    Pareas tayo ng pinagdaanan sa buhay hehehe.. pag may tyaga talaga sis may nilaga diba.. may dessert pa hehehe..

  5. Naku eh pareho pareho pala tayo ng mga hinaing sa buhay.. Mga poor noong nag aaral. But you know what? I think being lack of all those material things made us very strong, and determined to get what we want and where we want to be.

    all those trials that you have been through taught you how to value things that you have now.

    Oy, kamukhang kamukha mo si MJ, grabe! Wag lang silang ma spoil huh.. When you give them everything that they wanted, di na sila masiisyahan..

    Very lucky girl ka talaga, you have found Terry. Ang sarap na ng buhay mo ngayon, oh ha??

    I am so glad I did this Meme, grabe, parang feeling ko, kilalang kilala ko kau gawa nito. kahit di tayo nagkiita ng personal, di ba?

  6. I read your post from top to bottom for it really got my interest. It was so clever and so strong of you to be able to get through life. Thumbs up to you. u are indeed a fighter.

  7. You are exactly right rose, hehehe yan din sana ilagay ko sa comment ko sau wahhh eh ang nasa utak magtanim ay di biro wahhh lol

  8. a very good story sis, touch naman ako. This is absolutely a very challenging life, very proud if you!!!

    Good job sis and nice meeting both of you as well…

  9. Lovely story Ann, ang dami mo palng test napagdaanan in life.Well, your success tastes better kasi pinaghirapam para lng makarating kung nasaan ka ngayon. Plus you found a very nice man to share life with your bundles of joy.

  10. wow, sis great and touching story. Good things really come to those who work hard in attaining their goals. Im happy for you…

    by the way i will add your link to my fave blogs hope you can do the same thanks.

    Nice meeting you here.

  11. I'm happy to hear that inspite of the trials that you had in your life,you still believe that there is GOD in your life that lead you to your success and a happy marriage.You deserve it!!^_^

  12. thanks for sharing us your very inspiring story. you're one of those strong women here in blogsphere.

    lumaki din ako sa hirap. anim kami at ako ang panganay. magaling lang mangutang nanay ko kaya di ako nawawalan ng pamasahe. lol!

    masarap ikwento ang mga story natin sa mga anak natin. I'm sure your story will inspire your kids to study hard and strive too.

  13. Hi Clarissa, thank u for the comment, it is actually the storm in life that made us all strong, And God will not give u trials if u cant make it. He believe in us, we just have to strive hard.

  14. Hehehe buti ka pa rossel may nanay na uutang para sayo lol, but anyway even my parents gone in my early age and that I missed them so much, they are still the best parents in the whole world for me. Kasi kung wala ang mga genes nila na survivor nd din ako magsu survive.

  15. My caps off w/ you Anne.I inspired you for having that strong determination in life & I agree w/ you knowledge can be ours forever & no one can ever take that away from us.
    Thanks for the visit Anne,'m looking forward to read more about you as well as your behalf next week.Thanks for sahring a bit about you & your hubby I enjoyed reading your post in here.

  16. indeed very inspiring mommy.. every trial in life makes us a better person, I believe. can't wait to hear more of your love story. I'm new here, but i wanna know more friends around. God bless sis!

  17. Hi thanks for dropping by Seiko, and yes ure right we really need determination in life kasi if wala tau nun paano tayo mabuhbuhay

  18. nakss! bilib ako sa lakas at tibay ng loob mo sis..
    ika nga kapag may tyaga, may nilaga..hehe Just continue to keep your faith. God never abandons.

    glad to know some bits about you. till then.. 🙂

  19. Hi Acmumcee Im glad to know u here, hehehe maraming mababait sa blogsphere, u are not wrong to join the community. Welcome to blogsphere.

  20. your story is really inspiring. Im so touched and it made me realized alot of things… Keep on inspiring us. Im sure you have lots of lessons in life to share especially with your kids. Swerte din ng hubby mo sayo kasi whenever I read your daily posts, napaka caring mo tao.

    Gosh, inspiration ka talaga.. Goodluck and God bless

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