It Has Been a Long Day

I have done so many things today, first I was able to visit Mj at her school once again, it’s been like how many weeks already since my last visit and of course when she saw me in front of her classroom looking at her, she was so overjoyed and hug me then. I asked her if she finished her lunch and if they had quizzes today, I was able to talk also to her Civics Teacher to check if she is doing well now and luckily the teacher told me all of her improvements, thank GOD!

I also went to the school nurse to ask if she already inquire about the inclusions of their insurance since that minor accident happens within the school vicinity but she is not in the office. So I just roam around and stayed for a while, watching MJ talking to her classmate in the classroom, their teacher does not arrived yet from the other class, so the kids were busy chitchatting with their seat mate.

Just when I arrived at the office where one of my friends works, it rained so hard. I dropped by at her office to have my documents photocopied free of charge, so I was able to save 10 pesos for that, only to find out later that I still lack of copies of my documents when I arrived at my insurance company so I have to run again to the nearest photocopy services so I could have enough copies to be submitted at their office. Aaarrrgghhh! Well I guess I am getting old and I often forget things, please bear with the person who already had a memory gap, I hope to find someone to cure my being forgetful. LOL

Anyway, to cut the story short, I just feel good that I was able to accomplished some things despite the heavy rain, on Friday would be another long day for me because I have to comply the requirement for my medical insurance to be updated, not to mention that Faith was not yet added as one of my beneficiaries, and I have to pay the tuition fee of Mj and my Internet provider, wahhhhhhhhhhh I need a break!

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