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Celebrate it with GOD

The time really flies so rapidly fast, before we knew it, Christmas is here once again. I know we have to celebrate yet the Thanksgiving day and or the Halloween but here in the Philippines we used to have our countdown starting September and we are remarkably have the longest Christmas moments.

But with what happened in the North, some Filipinos might not be able to celebrate the Noche Buena during the Christmas Eve, no longest Christmas moment maybe, no more shopping spree and a lot of foods in the table. In the contrary, have we thought of what is really the essence of Christmas? Is it only with gifts that we received? Or the things and money that we got from our bunos or from our 13th month pay? Have we thought of being so thankful to GOD because we are still alive, have we thought to thank him by helping people who got affected with the calamity in the North?

I am among of those people who are lucky because we don’t experience typhoon but I can’t help to sympathize who died in the landslide and in the extreme flood, whose house that nowhere to be seen and to those people whose until now are still struggling in the evacuation center. This is the time to share what we got to them; this is the time to celebrate a genuine Christmas and not the fancy one because Christmas should be celebrate with GOD.

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