Off to South

My hubby is off to South Carolina for work but I won’t be lonely or worried to chat with him no more while he is there because he has his mini notebook with him that he bought on May right after he gave me my mini notebook as a gift on Mothers Day.
The mini is so convenient for him because it was not heavy and it got a webcam attached to it, so whenever he got good connection in the hotel he is staying for now, he could just open the cam so we could see him, thought sometimes when we open our webcam to him, either our cam or his cam would freeze at that and he won’t see my little Faith throwing him a kiss.

Tomorrow, I hope to chat with him early in the morning so we could get ready for church, I hope I can keep my promise to go to church as early as I could so Mj can attend her tutor in the afternoon, meanwhile let me share to you some pictures from hubby.

How I wish I am with him on this trip

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