Asthma Attacks

I started my day with a worst asthma attack; it was so weird because it attacks me early in the morning while it usually attacks me before bedtime. So as usual every time it would attack me I immediately went to the kitchen to get my spray but the problem was it won’t puffed properly, I went back to the bedroom to lie down a bit, and my asthma gets worst, I can’t breathe at all! And since my brother-in-law was also asthmatic, I asked him real quick if I could used his spray, I just learned it later on that he is out of it, so what we did we just put his spray onto the bottle I bought, good thing it works.

And the same as usual, I would get tired right after the attack, but I have to get up since my Faith was not well also, she had fever this morning and she was irritated by something, she keeps on crying and cannot be pacify at all. Thank God, that she slept just before 8:00 a.m., I have to tell Terry that I have to accompany her to the bed, but then it’s because I was really tired from my recent attack, I fell asleep too.

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