PBWeekend: The Wedding


It is my first time to join here at Pixel Bug but I didn’t realize that we have to post this on Sunday’s and not on Monday’s well anyway, I hope I can still catch up with today’s Meme.
It was September 19, 2009 and that date will always mark here in my heart and in my mind because it was the date I said I do to the man I ever cherish, the man who show me what real love is, the man I would always be with for the rest of my life.
When two hearts meet and blend
and two lives begin anew
When love blossoms and shines in the sun
then two will become as one
A man and a woman, a family will be
In heart and mind and soul

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  1. Hi, Mary Anne! thanks for joining… you don't have to post on a Sunday — Monday is fine. I just post early so everyone can leave their link and comments.

    anyway, I just love weddings! I just feel that it is a gift to have two people become one. Happy anniversary!

  2. wohooo! you finally got the wedding of your dreams sis….congrats again!

    you look stunning on your dress..very pretty…thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi dhemz thanks sa comment, at salamat sa suggestion sa hair ko, I didnt realize ganda pala ng curly hair thanks talaga

  4. Hello my alter ego dont worry dadating din yung para sayo, basta patient ka lang what matter is that you never give up love…. and you must believe in it, kasi darating lang talaga yun

  5. OH my Gosh!! Congratulations on your wedding! I know you've been working on making this really beautiful. I didn't have the grandest weeding, but I love weddings. Maybe someday, kapag wala ng bills na babayaran, pd na kami pakasal ni Fahfah Rodney sa church, hahaha!

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