Working for Another Blog

Finally I was able to edit the title of my youngest daughter’s blog from Faith’s Little World of Fun to Faith and Mj’s Little World of Fun, yes I combined their blog and the author would be me. You may wonder why I choose to be the author of the blog, it is because aside from I want to monetize the blog, I want my kids to choose what they would like to do when they are already grown ups, if they want to have an online diary then they could have one on their own. Now, since they cannot write yet and I am not allowing Mj to use the computer that much, I think it is better if I would write it on my own though the topic would be much about them.

I already bought a domain for that blog and that would be now my question is why it won’t redirect to if I would type that link, my blog won’t show up, do you have any advice so it would redirect to Please help!

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