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Feeling Pain

When we went to the mall one day, there was a free check up for osteoporosis; they have this bone scanner for you so you will know if you are low risk, moderate and high risk from osteoporosis. I tried it so after I fill up the form they gave me and waited for a while, they put my left foot onto this basin, they pressed the button right after they pour something in the water, they computed something then voila, I got my result immediately and that is moderate but the in charge said I am already near to high risk, well I am not surprised though because I don’t drink much milk.

Terry bought me a calcium vitamins right after he knew it, I am taking those everyday, now my worries of having an osteoporosis is gone but this past few days I felt something in my chest, there are short seconds that I can’t breath or hard to breath, I thought maybe because my asthma attacks me once again, or maybe stress, but I hope this is nothing because I don’t want to have a heart attack not just yet while the kids are still small.