Fever and Colds

I am worried again for Terry, he doesn’t feel well since last night, he went to work yesterday but he went back home because he has colds and his fever was a bit high. He was sick when he got back in Maryland and recovered after three days, and now here he is again, I wish I could just ride a Jeepney to get on his place unfortunately he is miles away from us.
When I woke up this morning, he is already in front of the computer but still lying in his bed, his fever slowed down I mean from 38 something now it is only 37.8, thank GOD that he will have a doctor appointment at 8:30 a.m. by tomorrow morning, I hope he will be fine, please GOD help us.

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  1. oh my…hope oks na si hubby mo sis…hope he could bring himself to the doctor…you know…just to be safe from H1N1….uso parin kasi to sa ibang states…..just a thought…..

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