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Our New Altar

Finally, our altar was built and we could gather our Holy Images all together in one place. It is a nice feeling that we could put them in one place, glanced at them in one direction. My dad is a devotee way back when he was still alive; in fact he was an altar boy during his teenage years. He got a big altar on his bedroom on his marriage years, it was a long table with two bottles of holy water and Holy Images, and he also had a bible that he kept on reading until he dies. And there’s no Mass during Sunday’s he would missed, he always dragged me in the church and right there and then I was taught to attend always mass every Sunday, the reason why I feel so incomplete whenever I missed it.

Some of the Holy Images in our Altar is from our parents, we kept them, and when I look into that, I always remember them, even we only spent short span of years together, for me they are the best parents in the whole wide universe, and I miss them terribly.

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