I Feel So Lonely

I just came home from paying the electric bill and I just accompanied sister at the grocery to buy some food for tomorrow. When I arrived home, I open my computer immediately and chatted with hubby, then I feel a sudden loneliness, I miss Terry so much, how I wish were together right now, how I wish he is not miles apart from us.

I know I don’t have to feel envious with some spouse here who have their husband beside them all the time. I know I have the best husband in the whole wide world and he is the only man who love me so much with all his might but knowing that he is so far away from us, I just couldn’t help to feel so lonely. But what can I do? We still have many things to settle here, though he keeps on telling me, we will be together very very soon and I am crossing my finger to it.

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Teary Eyed With The Video

Well, I was really not able to follow how did they start, but looking at the video alone could tell everything. The guy’s name is Tom and the girl’s name is Princess, they are one of the boarders of the PBB House and they are the closest among the boarders, one day Tom has been transferred to the other house, so even though it was hard for him to leave Princess on the other house but since it is one of his task, he left Princess, hoping that one day they would meet and talk again inside the house.

But Princess disobeyed one of the rules and she volunteered to go out, Tom didn’t know it but Rob one of the housemates told him that Princess is not there already. In the video below, they were given a chance to talk and say hi to each other. You would see how Tom really was affected with Princess all so sudden went out from the house; sure he missed Princess so much.

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Couple’s Corner # 3: Were in Love

Rodliz’s Nest

The first time I met Terry online, I really never thought that we would stay longer and we would end up with each other. So I guess they were right expect the unexpected.

I am sure some of you know that I fell in love with a wrong man, I thought he was the answer of my prayer, the one who would build my dream of having a family. But right after he learned that I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, he ran away. So I raised Mj alone, I know it was hard but I keep on putting it to my mind that I cannot depend on anyone else except myself, if I have striven hard enough when I was in college, I know I have to strive more and I have to be stronger for Mj. She was indeed my lucky charm because from the day on I was looking for a job, there was one company that offered me as a Secretary, the salary was not that much but I know it would be my stepping stone. All I have in mind is that I have to work to support my daughter; I believe there are more jobs that would open for me soon.

So whenever I spotted a company that has a high compensation, I would go and grab it. I enjoyed my life a lot with my daughter, so who cares being alone as long as you have a baby who is ready to smile for you when you are down and tired from work. One day, when we were watching TV and Mj was just 3 years old at that time, she asked me to buy her a Father, she even asked me how much are them, are they expensive? Could we afford to buy one? I didn’t know how to react, I was speechless I just told her soon you will have one. I don’t know when, what, where but I realized my daughter needs someone whom she can call her Dad.

And so I searched for so long years, I even asked for him from St. Jude. I know some of you might not believe it but they said when you asked for a lifetime partner just go to St. Jude and he will not fail you. And yes I asked my husband from him, when Terry courted me the first time, I was hesitant, it hurts to get hurt, I mean it is hard to invest your feelings then later it would be wasted because he was just playing around. He told me he was sincere and he understands my feeling, even at that moment I really wanted to accept the laptop he was offering me then, but I told him if do that, I might just pursuing him not because I love him but because of the laptop. I wanted to assure my feelings to him as well, yes I was so fond of him and he makes me happy when he calls me, he makes me smile whenever we chatted online. But what if at the end of the day I can just offer him my friendship? I know I’d been hurt big time and so many times but I cannot afford to hurt the man who treated me so special. I was confused and good thing a friend from Missouri enlightened my mind to give Terry a chance, what if he is really the one and I just missed it.

One sign I asked from St. Jude for quite a long time was to receive a flower from a guy, I never experience that in my life but I was hoping someday a bouquet of flowers will surprised me in my doorstep. That was October, on my birthday I was sleeping so deep in my slumber, it was daytime since I worked night shift, I heard my sister called me, she was trying to woke me up, telling me that a postman delivered a basket of flowers and some chocolates sister handed me the card and it was from Terry.

It was 12 midnight his time on November that I dialed his number, although scared and shaking I was able to have guts to ask him “If I say yes, will it be forever?” And even he was still sleepy at that time, he answered me “My dream is to have a family and to share my life with the person I love and can be one with them and accept them in to my life and I promise that you will be my first treasure and that all promises made before GOD are irrevocable and I will not go from you. I belong to you” From then on, no days that we won’t talk online, he always called me everyday and woke me up when its time for me to work.

Terry painted my world, his love proved me everything, he changed my life, not only mine but Mj as well because he already accepts her as his own the very first day I told him I have a daughter. I love him and no one can ever replaced that in my heart and if I die and God would give me a chance to live and marry again, I would always say my “I do” to him.

Our First Family Picture

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