My Altar Is Done

I wanted to have my own altar in the bedroom perhaps, so when my sister hired a worker to build a kitchen cabinet, I asked her if the worker could build an altar for me, but when I went home this evening, sister told me that the altar was built near the living room and not in my bedroom.

Well, that’s alright though, because at least now, all the image from Virgin Mary and Senior Sto. Nino, all were put to one altar, I might post the picture here when we get everything had done here, not to mention that our house still smells like fumes and oh so dusty, there’s no night that I am not using the spray for asthma of Kuya James. I hope we would get rid of the smell the soonest possible time, because it is really hard for us especially the kids. Faith and MJ are already starting to have coughed and there were two nights she was throwing up.

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