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Access Denied

I supposed to check in to Hannies Inn today due to the strong smell here at home, my good friend Clarinda reserved me a room in Hannies Inn so I could bring Faith there, the soonest possible time well as long as she woke up, but they covered the door from the kitchen so the smell won’t go here in the living room and in the bedroom, a minute went by the smell did not go through, I mean I could still smell it but at least it is not that strong unlike yesterday.
So I decided to just pay the money to my housing loan that Terry left, and went to New Jersy after, I saw the wedding, pictures and they let me brought a CD so I could choose 80 pieces of pictures for loose prints. I was so excited to open it to my computer but to my disappointment it did not let me, I cannot access and preview the pictures in the CD that they hand me.

Anyway, since I can’t yet preview the pictures and that I will go back there tomorrow so they could resolve the problem in the CD that they gave me, I will just post two pictures from our Digital Camera.

Opening of gifts

Me and my ever groom


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