Oh! That Scary Thing

When I went out in the mall one day, with my family in the hotel waiting for me, I saw this mask hung in the corner, and then I remember the Halloween is just around the corner, well at least after my birthday.

I thought it would be funny if I will buy that mask to show it to the kids. Right after I took the floater for my kids since we had plans to go swimming that day, I hurriedly went back to the hotel and knock in the door, Mj opened it for me, I went inside the bathroom immediately to wear the mask then went out to scare the kids. Mj keeps on laughing but Faith keeps on saying “Hala, Hala Mumu” meaning oh! Its a monster.After a while, Mj grabbed the mask and tried to make fun of Faith, Faith simply ran away and went beside me and her dad so her Ate Mj can’t reach her. She knows that I would defend her, I advice Mj not to wear it yet otherwise Faith will have Goosebumps.

The monster Mom
The monster J

The monster Dad

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Would You Like To Earn Money Online?

Let’s admit that our economy is not really doing any good today, there are retrenchments all over the world and some are still jobless until now. As a Mom and a wife, I should find means to help our family finances and at the same time taking good care of our kids at home. Home based business would be the best thing for me, in that way my presence are still at home and I could still look after my kids.

Stable Interest could help me fulfill my dreams of earning money online; since it is a long term project I would have bigger and continued income for years. I know I could never go wrong with them so if you are interested of investing your money online and have more profits just log on and explore yourself to a much bigger and wider ways to earn a home business project.

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