So Happy Until…

I was totally disappointed when we got the report card of Mj at school, her dad had to talk to her in the corner and told her to study harder so Mom would be happy, Mj said yes after they talked.

We were too busy that week during her exam period; I can’t assist her and all that, although she had a tutor I am still hands on when it comes to her study time. She went back to school yesterday and told me the good news, it was her computer subject and she got the highest score, today she shared me her test papers and she got the highest score to all her subject and mind you, it includes her most hate subject, the Civics.

I was so happy to know that not until when I learned that Terry does not feel alright since he went back to his house in Maryland yesterday, he feels crap I told him, he must go to his doctor, he replied he would go this afternoon but I am worried because he did not message me back this time.

I hope he feels alright, he needs to be alright for us. Lord please helps us!

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