I Went To Massage Parlor

It has been over a month now that I was not able to get a massage, so since there is no class today, I am free of tutoring Mj for her studies yesterday thus I got the chance to go to a massage parlor and pampering myself with the indulgence massage spa. When I went to their bedroom, I was hesitant to lie over, and tried to check if their Bedding Sets was disinfected, I mean I have to be sure of that, since the H1N1 scare is still scaring my butt off. I asked the attendant if they are changing it regularly or at least disinfected it, I was relieved when the attendant said yes, and well I hope she did not lie to me.

So after the one hour comfortable massage, I went out to pay my bill. I think the attendant was waiting for me give her a money compliment for her work but unfortunately I was not able to give her. Well my money was just enough for the service though, hehehe and Terry was not with me so that maybe explains for not giving her anything. Maybe next time I would if I have extra lol.

2 Responses to “I Went To Massage Parlor”

  1. chubskulit says:

    sosyalin ang beauty hehehe, never pa ako nagoamassge hehehe

  2. anne says:

    nag start akong nagpamassage when I was hired as call center agent stress kasi ung work kaya we needed it hanggang nasanay na ako