A Fraud Guy

Hi!I just arrived in Manila now to meet you!Come now to meet me at Makati,Ayala Mrt.Station!I am here now!Dinner or tea together!Call or text me when you arrive at Ayala Mrt. Station and lets meet at a cafe around! My phone number is 09206324423 Michael I dont have any load!Please send me load now!I dont know how to load!Im in your country so please help me-send me load now!My phone is Smart I am going out of internet cafe so text to my phone!!Text me when you arrive in Ayala station!i am waiting nearby for you!

Have you received any text message like that in your phone or in an email? Beware, because this guy is a fraud, he fooled a lot of women in different countries and had asked money from them. Last Saturday was the end of his modus operandi because he had been trapped in a police operation, and now he is deported. Well, that is good so he could fool no one anymore.

I hope this would serve as a lesson to all foreigner guys who are planning to fool women and wanted to just play games.

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  1. And to think that some people tag Pinoys as mga opurtunista and some kind of gold-diggers or thieves. Well, that shows it's not in the color or nationality, it's really in the kind of person one is.

  2. Hi anne!
    Hehehe!mayra….kabaan ra siya.
    pero,ako anne daghan kaayo ug nadawat ana.unsa akong ginabuhat….gibalik nako sa iyaha mga 20 times.kung globe siya,free txt lang…pero kung sa iba,gastosan jud nako,para dili na mobalik.
    makakaon lagi ug tagam.

  3. Good that this guy is finally caught. Filipinos or not, one should be more cautious with strangers. Sometimes, when I receive this kind of messages, I simply ignore them.

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