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20% Discount For My Giveaways

I supposed to buy my giveaways two weeks ago and ordered the rest of it since they had lack of stocks that time, but the sales assistant gave us a hint of their upcoming sale, and I will get 20% off if I would buy the items on Kadayawan.

She would just set aside the items and ordered some of it, so it would be completed on the day it will be available, she will just text me if the items would arrive at the store. Yesterday right after I took the anti-histamine for my allergy, I dozed off like five hours that I didn’t notice that already have been texting me on my phone. I woke up around 3:30 p.m. and found out that I had two messages, first was from Clarinda, telling me that she already have been discharge from the hospital and the second one was from the mall, telling me that my giveaways are ready for me to pick up.

So I went there right away and picked up the items. I got the 20% off and you know what? I just paid P1, 678.00 pesos from the 100 pcs. giveaways. I just have to deliver these items to Clarinda on Monday as she promised that she would design those for me. Thank you BFF? Hahahaha!!!

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