Holding My Patience

I am holding my patience right now and I don’t know as to when I can hold it. I am so pissed off!

Early this morning, my sister Irenie woke up my niece to ask her to get a malunggay in the neighborhood an ingredient that have to be put on our breakfast, but she did not wake up, my sister has to call her name several times for her to get up. And when she got up she started to stamp her feet, showed her disagreeable face yet so dragging. Kuya James was already pissed off so he went to bed instead, my niece had to be the one to continue that and the result, the fish was mashed and all that.

I was still holding my patience until 11:30 a.m. I was trying to focus what to write on the offered opportunity with a lot of things around to be fixed. It is Friday and they don’t have classes, I was expecting her and Mj to help us doing house chores, Mj was still eating breakfast at that time and since my niece was done eating already, I asked her to turn the TV off yet and start fixing all the things that need to be fix or broom the floor and all that.

She walked out after that and went straight to the bedroom, I was already pissed off when she reacted that way, I mean come on, this is the only day they could help us the house chores, I followed her in the bedroom, and scolded her real hard while hitting her shoulder with my bare hands, ouch! ooppsss! Do you think she was the one who was hurt? The answer is no, it was me who said that, with her shoulder thicker than mine, not to mention that she is taller and bigger than me, my hands were like foam hitting her shoulder.

Well, I just hope what I told her yesterday would instill in her mind, she needs to be responsible of whatever task they are assigned to, so in the future they could handle whatever work they will be given to them. And one more thing, she should respect the elders, she should not answer us in inappropriate manner, that is absolutely won’t do good for her.

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  1. You can handle it. 😀 If you need to go to a place away from other people's eardrums and scream, do it. It does make me feel better sometimes.

    Or get a big soft pillow and box it with all your might.

    Just don't make a riot in your house and throw things everywhere, because that will only tire you, and tire you again when it's time to clean and tidy things up.

    Best of luck! God loves you.

  2. Let it out!! Sometimes, I mock up a blog post with a rant about whatever I'm ticked off about. MOST of the time I don't publish it!

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