And I Love You So

“You may have love him longer but that doesn’t mean I love him any less”

Mariel and I went out on Saturday to buy some materials for my wedding invitation that until now it is still not done, well I have to finalize yet my entourage and I just got the quotes from Terry whom he made it personally. When we went to the mall, I saw that a local movie entitled And I Love You So by Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Derek Ramsay just shown in the cinema, I could not help but to get curious how Derek Ramsay as Oliver died in the movie that left Bea as Lara in this lonely world. Lara was widowed after five months of, married to Oliver, Oliver died in aneurysm, which attacked him on Lara’s natal day.

Lara then, had to be strong and will have to look alright in front of her mother-in-law, for her co- teachers and to her sister yet deep inside she is so depressed and frustrated, she tends to keep Oliver in mind and her heart that Oliver is still there, whom she can talk everyday. She cried alone, got drunk alone and have to work hard alone to pay to settle the payment for all their properties. She was already buried with bills and all, that she thought to have their condominium unit for rental, she would just stay with her mother-in-law, who is so happy to have her as her sister-in-law have to go abroad for work.

She suffered in silence, then Chris one day went to her unit to rent it, Lara, whose at that time tends to forget that her unit was already rented with Chris, yet she went there and slept there when she came home late at night. It was already morning that she realizes that the place is not anymore for her to stay. Chris knew that she slept there because he saw her lying in bed when he went home that night; he just let her in bed and went out when the sun rises.

It was a constant meeting and hello’s made Chris helped Lara to learn how to be alone, It might be hard but Lara had to learn that her husband is not in this world anymore and she has to let him go otherwise she would be imprisoned by her loneliness forever. Later, Chris learns to not only a friend who is there for her but he learns to love her despite the fact that Lara is not ready yet to forget her husband. Although she knows from the bottom of her heart, that she is already falling in love with Chris.

On the other hand Chris struggles from the story of his past, the past of tears and betrayal, he saw her ex wife in their bedroom together with another man. Lara is his only hope to be happy once again and live life much better than what he had before.

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