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Mini Cook and Waiters

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting any updates here; well I just started putting up my mini restaurant just yesterday. And I was also busy feeding my waiters and my two chefs in my mini restaurant because if I don’t they would be run out of energy, and I would lost a lot of coins, if I won’t take good care of them.

Some of you may already know what I am talking about here and what is this mini restaurant is all about, well it I am talking definitely about the restaurant city in Facebook. I was as curious about this at first as my niece keeps on playing it in facebook, at first I ignored it. But later on since all the people around the globe is talking about this mania, I can’t help but took a peep then had persuaded myself to try it. And yes, I became an addict too, like you and you and you I must admit that I am among those people who are also into this game. Well, I hope to own a restaurant someday and be busy like this mini restaurant I have in facebook.



  • Ice Pizza

    Hi! I'm a restaurant city addict too. 🙂 Yeah, it's really an interesting game… I'm currently on Level 20 (see how addicted I am to it?). If I have regrets in RC, it would be using my ingredients to "learn" many dishes. I should have focused on 2 or 3 dishes per type of meal, so I can level up faster and earn more points. Oh well, just sharing it, in case anyone would appreciate my opinion. 😀

  • anne

    Hi Ice Pizza thanks for dropping by, I probably visit your restaurant so I could get clue of what designs should fit in to my restaurant, level 20 is level 20… hehehhe

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