The Tattooist

I just love You Tube because I will able to watch the movie that I missed in the cinema, well some though, I know to upload movies there prohibits them of doing so, that’s why there are only numbers of movie I could watch. I just have to be patience of waiting or searching what is the title codes so I could link with the movie I wanted to watch and fortunately just the other day, when sister Irenie was telling me about the movie she just watch, I was able to open it up on You Tube.
The movie was entitled The Tattooist, and the lead actor, you know who it was? It was Jason Behr, one of the aliens in Roswell, he was a little bit young yet in Roswell and the role that he was put into for the Tattooist had a big difference, and he had grown so much! My sister was not able to notice him right away in the movie, the lead actor in the Roswell who caused her not to sleep in one night because she was so thrilled to finish the season in a DVD.

Anyway, I don’t know if you like the crime scenes and how they put the tattoo on their customers, some made a comment that they were doing the impossible way, because you have to stencil it yet before you could really draw a design to which part of the body, the customer would like to have. Well, as I don’t know about tattoo and stuff, I don’t care at all, I mean I just wanted to watch the whole movie for free, hehehe.

Jason Behr here is the Tattooist, it is his way to make a living, one day he has met a girl that has a tribe believes in tattoo, their tribe is to put a tattoo to their son, the chosen one or chosen brothers. Now if they can’t bear the pain and will give up as that, the family will be rejected from the tribe, the family will be ashamed because they were not able to commit the responsibility that has given to them. Jason Behr took the manual tattoo in a cabinet without their permission and that’s the start of his flashback and all that. Later he found out that all the customer he had made a tattoo for, had died.

He has to find out what was happening otherwise the girl that he love so much would die as well.

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