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I Really Love His Voice

Finally, they have uploaded it to You Tube already, the song during the President Cory Aquino burial, the singer who originally sang the song that I really like; I am referring to no other than Jose Mari Chan.

I really like his voice, in fact I bought a CD of his one album and I always listen to it. It has been a while since I didn’t seen him on TV singing my favorite songs, and recently he has been interviewed for the song I Have Fallen In Love With The Same Woman Three Times, in which was originally a poem made by Senator Benigno Aquino to his wife, the poem had became a song in Jose Mari Chan Constant Change Album on 1989.n


  • Phoebe

    love this song too mommy anne..sensha n ngyon lng ulit ako nakabisita..pti yung award mo for me nasa drafts p..had to rest kc for a while..anyway im back and will be visiting ur blog often again…God bless!

  • Ice Pizza

    I have love Jose Mari Chan's songs since the first time a cassette tape of his Constant Change album entered our home. That was nearly 2 decades ago, when I was in grade school. It's only now that I have reviewed the lyrics of this song (moved by the video you posted) and looked at the song in a whole new different view. And, in embarrassment, I have to confess, it's just now that I learned about the Ninoy & Cory love story origin of the lyrics of the song.

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