Farewell Tita Cory,  Journey

Farewell To The Mother Of Democracy

I thought to post here when Jose Mari Chan sang the song “I have fallen in love with the same woman three times” during Mrs. President Cory Aquino burial, but I can’t find it yet in You Tube, instead I found Sarah Geronimo sang the song “Magkaisa” as the crowd of people gave their deepest sympathy and accompanying to the Mother of Democracy to her last farewell.

Her death made a big impact to us, I seemed watches the video of Ninoy Aquino’s burial on 1983, there were many people in the street, showing the “Laban” sign, there were kids, old one’s women, men and mind you, the convoy from Manila Cathedral to Manila Memorial Park lasted for 12 hours. They arrived at the Manila Memorial Park almost at 9:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m. because the streets were jam packed of people, to show their love to Tita Cory.

The video below when they were on their way to Manila Memorial Park.


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