People Power Revolution

Glad To Know

Ever since Mrs. President Cory Aquino’s death lasts August 1, 2009 and the media bringing up the past during EDSA Revolution on 1986, I can’t help to wonder what was really happen in Martial Law, you see the Martial Law started on September of 1972 and I was born in the year 1977 so during that time was totally a blur to me at all.
So I made a research about them Ninoy Aquino, Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos and Cory Aquino, I was not yet finished reading in Wikepedia when my sister Merlyn arrived and blurted out about the Eskapo movie, it was the great escape of Genny Lopez and Sergio Osmena at Fort Bonifacio camp, the two was detained for no appropriate charges by Marcos, but the newspaper tells that they are connivance to attack or to assassinate Marcos. The father of Lopez who lives already in America were insists on signing a document pertaining that their businesses will be given away to the Government. In which he pursued in exchange for the freedom of his son, but the signs were done and all that, yet his son was still there in Fort Bonifacio and behind bars.

On the other hand, Sergio Osmena persuaded Genny Lopez to escape with him and so they studied the plot of the camp with the help of Genny Lopez son and then freed by a private plane to Hongkong. When I watch the movie online it was indeed very touchy and scared as well, I went ahead to watch the People Power Revolution in 1986 where Cory Aquino, inaugurated in Cebu at one of the church was thirty minutes ahead of Ferdinand Marcos who also had pledge to be the President once again in a snap election, in which they said he cheated.

There were many things I have learned from there, like how the US President became close to the family of Marcos and during that time he went away to Guam because if he is not, he might be killed by mob of people.

Life is indeed a quest, you may never know what happens next, you may have all the power now but it will not be until forever, and soon you would step down and have to transfer the crown to those people who are much deserving.

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