Top 10 EC Dropper For The Month Of July

It is August 1 here and it is time now to give thanks and credits to the first one who got the highest click of my widgets, yes you heard it right I am going to send credits who got the highest scores. And I am referring to no other that but Jean Squared and Wirez and Circuitz I am going to send each of you credits of 1,000 points, so hang on there.

And the rest of the clickers, big thanks to all of you:

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  1. ako pud! sosyal na pud ko! weeee, i`m grateful to have been part of your top droppers. i didn`t notice that i am that patient to have been dropping on your site from time to time. grabeh na ito, to the highest level na talaga. hehe.

    thanks again sis. and hope to maintain my position on your list. haha. cheers!

  2. and for you phoebe thanks for the patient of dropping here, kahit na buntis eh sige pa rin lol, wish u all the best in your deliver ha

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