What Happen To My YM

It was like one hundred one attempts of trying so hard to log in to my YM but still I can’t get through it. Terry already was in a hurry to play golf, he sent me message that he was online but the moment I tried to log in, the network did not allow me.

Terry called me instead in my phone and listened Faith’s voice calling him Daddy, they both giggled. I took the phone from Faith and Terry told me he would be home at 1:00 p.m. yet, I still trying to sign in until our neighbor came in to rent my other computer to chat with her fiancĂ©e online, she just restarted the computer and voila the YM kicks in. That’s when Terry was off to play golf. Haiisstt!

2 Responses to “What Happen To My YM”

  1. Nilz says:

    YM! GChat! There are issues all around… at times nothing seems to go the right away… anyway glad to see that it did not last long.

  2. anne says:

    Hi Nilz, thanks for dropping by lol it was like an hour that I have tried to log but I got failed. Wahhhh