Ice Age 3

Being young at heart maybe is one factor that I am still hooked up with cartoon movies. If there are cartoon movies that is showing at the theater, I always make sure that I would watch the movie in a day or two. And Ice Age is one of them, earlier I drag the kids with me in the movie house to watch the Ice Age 3. We had watch the Ice Age part 1 and part 2 so even though Mj had prefer to go with my sister Irenie in her store, I really insisted her to join us so she won’t miss the chances as what I heard from my sister Irenie, it was really good and fun. Right after we took lunch at KFC we headed right away to the movie house, Faith was with us too and she was amazed with how big the screen was that she kept on saying “Hala! Hala”

Before I will be out of track, let’s go back with my review of the movie Ice Age 3, since the Mammoth already had his family on his own and they will be having a baby very very soon, Diego decided to live with his own and Sid was looking for a family he would call his own. Then suddenly he saw three eggs, it could have been so good for him, he could have been so happy if the three doesn’t have a mother, the worst is they were dinosaur. The eggs hatched and the mother started to hunt her kids, when she saw them and got them, Sid had included. Her friends Mammoth and Sid, went to look after him in the land where the Dinosaur lived.

From start to end we cannot stop laughing even to our way home, we had talked all the scene and the dialogue in the movie. I tell you its one great movie for the whole family.

8 Responses to “Ice Age 3”

  1. Hi! I'm Grace says:

    Who is to blame? Ice Age 3 movie is really a good one that nobody should miss. 🙂
    May you have a blessed Sunday, Anne.

  2. says:

    if this is half as funny as the others it will be great

  3. Rosa says:

    hi sis, got tagged for you.

    hope you grab it.

  4. Phoebe says:

    oh, I can't wait to see that movie too with my 2 girls. They loved Madagascar Escape to Africa, so I'm sure they'll love this one too.

  5. anne says:

    Hi grace! Thanks for dropping by, yeah the ice age 3 is really good. we dont have dull moments at the movie lol

  6. anne says:

    It is more funny I guess pain solution

  7. anne says:

    Hi rosa ill grab the tag later

  8. anne says:

    It is good for the whole family phoebe ill tell u hehehe