Another Test

I supposed to have my vaccine for cervical cancer on Tuesday but when I talked to my OB about it, she said that it should be four week apart from the first month I have it and not be in the second day of the period. They just have to make sure that I am not pregnant the reason why they should inject me with the vaccine on the second day of my period the first time I have it.

So since that was canceled and moved to Monday, I went to my Pulmonologist to have a second test for my asthma since I had number of attacks just recently. The Doctor said I should have gone there after one month I finish my Seretide so he could monitor if I still need to have the Seretide and if ever I still need it, I supposed to puff once a day only but since I did not went there a day after I finish the Seretide we have to do redo it again, so instead of one I should puff it twice in a day, morning and night time.

There was one thing also I should do so I could get over with my Asthma, and that is to sleep on time or early would be the best to get rid of it. Because even I only have not the serious one, it would be trigger since I am stress and don’t have enough rest. I am trying though, and maybe I should always look at the wall clock to know the time so I won’t be groggy and would finally say bye bye asthma!

6 thoughts on “Another Test

  1. Cervical smear vaccine? Unsa na? naa man gud dire cervical smear test,kana e check ba mismo.Anyway,I hope you will feel better.Lisud ang ashma sa?

  2. hehehe it is not that serious girl but if I would continue to sleep late, it would really become serious

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