Could Anyone Tell Me What’s The Title Of This Song?

I was searching for songs to our upcoming wedding, in fact I’d been searching for it since last night, the reason why I was not able to get enough sleep, well I also watched the Hannah Montana series, I never thought it was that funny, anyway I am just a shallow girl so anything that I could find that is fun I would be satisfy with it. So bear with me if I find the Hannah Montana series hilarious. Lol

So then I was searching until this morning, even Terry helped me to find songs for the slide show of our pictures, I opt to look for a family song as but I could not find that either, until Terry hit the bed and I was still searching. I have open a lot of songs in You Tube and this song marks my heart, it was not a family song but I think that would fit the family slide show somehow, however I am not sure the title of the song. Is that “You’re my Angel?” I would appreciate it that much if you could tell me the exact title of the song. Thanks!

Anyway, thanks for the one who posted this video in You Tube

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