Hannah Montana

Other’s might says that it was not good, many criticize its content but for me, it was indeed hilarious and funny, I know it is a teenage thing and I must not enjoy it but well isn’t it so nice to feel to be like that somehow you were once a teenager and dream that you had become famous because of your talent, well I was not popular at school before, only in our classroom though not with a golden voice but academically, uhmmm sort of, just an average girl here in some way.

Anyway before I go too far from the movie review, Hannah Montana is a girl who love to sing and she became the number one celebrity of all the teenager out there, but her father and her had an arrangement to only sing and yet will still have her normal life as a teenager, she will just sing if she is a Hannah Montana and she can live with the normal life when she is the Miley Cyrus but sometimes being a popular celebrity could make your head big and be addicted to what you are right now because of your talent. Her father absolutely not happy with her behavior especially that she already forgotten her best friend’s birthday and now she opts to attend not of her granny’s birthday at their province, so her father was able to plan something that made her doubts if she ever want to get back her become as the Hannah Montana although at first she objected the fact that her father brought her to her granny’s place without her knowledge. She enjoys the normal life as the Miley Cyrus in the country where her granny lives. Now which one she would choose? To be the Hannah Montana or The simple Miley Smiley as what her childhood friend used to call her.

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