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Finally Our Cabinet Was Repaired

Our cabinet was built one year ago with a carpenter that obviously is not an expert of doing so, it was sliding door but at the very first day it was built, it was too hard to open the door and since it was made of a ply board it is indeed so heavy to push it to the side. It was better though during the past several months but just recently the door collapsed at all.

I talked to an expert carpenter a week ago and he said he would repair it in no time when he doesn’t have worked. So yesterday, was the repair day and I had to move so fast to get the materials before he would start the repair. And fortunately they were able to finish it last night and guess what? It is not a sliding door at all, he suggested that since we are going to use a ply board the ruler would collapsed anytime because the ply board is heavy so for us not to do a back job again it is better if we built the usual cabinet door. Now I like it more than the sliding door, he puts a design to the door so it doesn’t look too ordinary and dull. So Manong Erning good job!


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