Faith,  Little Love Bug,  My Little Monster

Hey Faith

Have you ever experienced with someone uttered some words you don’t like to hear but she keeps on teasing it for you, and when you would look at her intently for her to stop saying it, she will not say the complete word but you know that it was that word, the word that you don’t want to hear.

Well my little love bug seems to know how tease me with that, there’s this word that she overheard from sister Merlyn as her expression and from then on, she used it to tease us. When we started to say “Hey Faith” she will look at us and would whisper the word by herself with us, looking at her, or she would say the first two letters while pointing something on her legs. Faith is growing up so smart, she even know how to answer us sometimes just like the other day, when sister Merlyn said “Faith, let’s eat.” Faith replied all suddenly “Okay” then sister Merlyn replied back “Alright, so what would we put in your rice, would you like a milk?” sister thought Faith won’t answer that but to her surprised Faith said “Yes”

My little monster is growing up so fast, one wink of an eye she would grow just like her Ate Mj, soon, I would have a two teenagers.


  • texas_sweetie

    mura pud si baden naku ay kay pina yungit ug tubag ES kuno means yes with matching yango sa ulo. mga smart mani mga bataa karong generation oi. kita sauna slow man kau ato tubo hehehe

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