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Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief? I know that it is a is a lot of work keeping your dog clean. Dogs just can’t help getting dirty. They like to dig and roll around on the ground. Doing so they not only get dirty but get fleas and ticks.

They can be a big mess. Keeping your dog clean can be a chore and let’s face it, we dog’s don’t smell very well. Having a clean and well behaved dog says a lot about their owner. Do you want a dirty dog who may have skin problems because they don’t get the care they need? What can you do to keep your dog clean and to give them a healthy and shiny coat? Well Dinovite has several shampoos to help keep your dog’s coat clean, healthy and shiny.

Dinovite has four brands of dog shampoo, one of which I am sure will satisfy you and your dog. Sold under the DogOSuds name, Lavender will not only clean your dog and promote a healthy coat it smells nice too. DogOSuds Essential Oil Blend, has natural flea and tick repellents, as does Peppermint/Tree Tea. They also have an unscented version for you if you prefer not to have a scented shampoo. To keep your dog healthy and your kids happy, take care of your dog and bathe it often.


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