I Am Going Out

The weather is so gloomy and I am not feeling well, I’d been sneezing since last night well actually it has been a week that I am feeling like this. It is all because I’d been sleeping so late at night, not blogging though but watching movie in You Tube or playing Zuma in the computer.

No one has to be blame but me, me and me! I should discipline myself of not doing things that are so unnecessary but how could I help it, Zuma is so tempting and I was following that Maruja in You Tube until the last episode on Saturday, I missed all the episodes in TV because there are some errands I should settle on those Saturdays so I was not able to update on what was going on well until the other night.

Now I am planning again to watch the Labor Pains of Lindsay Lohan in You Tube again, I hope they will delete not just yet until I finished to watch the movie. For now, I have to prepare myself for I have to go to Mj school and have my vaccine for Cervical Cancer. Goodbye Folks!

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