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Rosalie’s Fairy Tale Story That Never Had A Happy Ending

If you had been reading the series of the twilight, you may know what would this post for. Why Rosalie decided not to vote for Bella’s transformation to being a vampire? What was the story behind her being the most beautiful and gorgeous looking and why she ended up being a vampire even though it was not her choice to being one.

Rosalie’s dream, and happiness is shallow and simple, she was contented of what she was though she is aware that her parents wanted more despite of everything that they had. Her father had a stable job in the bank and her Mom’s job is to keep their house, her beauty is a gift to their parents, they saw so much in her beauty that somehow it would make them wealthy and rich. Although Rosalie was satisfied with her life, her parents social aspirations had influenced her for wanting more, for being the most beautiful in town, for having the most materials things in life.

One day, when his father forgot his lunch to work, her mother asked her to wear the best dress that she has and roll her hair up to run over to the bank with her father’s lunch pack. The son of the owner glanced at her, whom at that time will takes over at the bank of her father; they were the royal family and the richest one in town. From then on, Royce King the second courted her and every day there were bunch of flowers delivered to her house and every time she would go out, she smell like roses the same smell of the flowers that Royce King the second had sent her.

One week to go and it is her wedding, she’s on her way to home from her best friend’s house, when she saw cluster of men under a broken street lamp, she walk so fast when one guy called her name. It was her fiancée Royce King the second, it was so not him, he was so drunk together with his friends, richest friends and one just arrived from Atlanta.

Royce proudly told his friends that Rosalie is the lovelier other than the Georgia’s peaches, while he pulled Rosalie closer, her friend John denied it and said he can’t tell because Rosalie was all covered. Suddenly Royce ripped her jacket from her shoulder, popping the brass buttons off. She cried out in pain but Royce and his friends seem to enjoy that and they all left while laughing. Rosalie waited so long to die in the street, but it seems it was taking so long. Then Carlisle and Edward found her in the street, which was the beginning of what she is becoming.

Rosalie thought that if Bella would decide to transform, she is choosing the wrong way, she had choices and she must choose what is best for her, to stay human that is. Choices, that Rosalie and Cullens family did not choose to live.


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