Sleepy Head

Sleeping With My Laptop

Let me share to you what happen to me this afternoon while I opt to update my little monster blog. I thought I had enough sleep last night since I slept too early with Faith. Though I woke in the middle of the night but I think my sleep was enough to be not too sleepy by next day, to my surprise when I was trying to update Faith’s blog I began to yawn then I feel like droopy.

I needed to lie down I guess, so I put a pillow in my head then I was starting to type as the music goes playing in her blog. Then suddenly I heard sister Merlyn’s voice saying that the Water District already fix the pipe that was leaking from the neighbor, I thought I was just closing my eyes in a while thinking what to share, sister then exclaimed that I was sleeping with my laptop in my tummy. Good thing it did not fall into the floor because if it was, I would not know how to fix the laptop that turn into pieces.

So I was really sleepy that I did not notice I was gone for almost an hour already, I thought to fight it but my eyes just can’t, it close just as that.

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