Busy Weekdays

Finally I Am Home

For five consecutive days, I was always out of the house to meet up some friends.

Friday: I’ve met my friend Cheryl as I thought it was her night off, I only found out that it was not when I arrived at their house. We agreed to meet up during her night off so she could get enough sleep when she works. We went to roam around to buy some materials for my invitation.

Saturday: I have met my friends in college with Mj; my best friend’s daughter will be one of my flower girls so together with Mj we have their size measured for their gown. We also went to Bigbys to dine in and headed for a movie right away.

Sunday: Mariel had to buy her jeans, right after the church Faith and I accompanied her to the mall and we grocery shop afterwards.

Monday: Cheryl messages me in my phone that she has given a new schedule and we should meet on Monday instead of Friday.

I had a busy weekend and I am so thankful that finally I could stay home today.

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