Villa Estrella

I don’t know if I was just busy talking to my friends yesterday that’s why I was not that scared or the movie was not frightening at all, I find the T2 more scary than that one though but my niece said the Villa Estrella has more sound effects and is more scary than the T2. Well, whatever as long as the kids and my friends enjoyed the movie a lot, that matters most. In the long run, the actors and in the movie did their job so well, and have justified the character a lot, we thought it was corny and they overact the scene but it is not. There’s a story behind the pool and the resort why it was haunted and the big twist was something unpredictable that if you were not watching and not concentrating the movie closely.

All the while, I firmly believe that Maja there has died because they are actually ignoring her presence when she talked and the only one who can see her is Shaina; though that’s the only thing I’ve noticed but the reason why she can’t rest to other dimension that I was not able to get. You cannot expect that the two Dads had something to do of her restless soul, she was not ready and she love her father too much. Shaina was the only witness how she was dead but her father stops her of remembering those past by hurting her, she also has been in a trauma that once she would remember it, her father would hit her. But then her father and Jake Cuenca’s father had plans to relive the resort, they are planning to remodel so it could compete from other resort that was put up nearby, it was successful and well established, expecting that the past won’t haunt them down, they thought the past has been dead with the one they killed. They never thought that once they would get back to Villa Estrella, Maja would revenge and will take back the life that she has lost and Shaina could be the answer for the life she wanted to have back again.

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