Final Cast For The Upcoming Movie New Moon

My New Moon book was fresh brought by Terry the last time he was here, but due to some circumstances I was not able to read it immediately, my niece did though and Terry was always telling her a joke that she should pay 10 pesos in every page she read in the book. She already finished reading it last summer and now she bought the Eclipse book from the money her Mom sent as her birthday present. Obviously, she has been a fan for Edward and Bella tandem and is looking forward now to watch them in the big screen.

On the other hand, I just started to read the book “New Moon” the other day and until now I just can’t put the book down, this is what I don’t like because when I started to read a novel, I always up to what happen next and torturing myself of not getting enough sleep. When I go out, I am practicing again reading a book in the Jeepney which I know is not advisable to do.

Anyway, I would like to share what I found in you tube about the final cast of the upcoming movie New Moon.

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