My Blogging Experiences

Blogging was introduced to me by a friend who lives in the states two years ago, I did not believe her at first, I was so hesitant to try to make one blog as I thought it might be a spam or I could receive unwanted emails through it. Plus, I was too busy working yet and I don’t have enough time posting anything in the computer.

It was then I tried to make one when I was about to resign, first it serves only as my diary online then later I get paid to blog. Now, I am not only enjoying every post I make but I also make money out of this hobby, through blogging I was able to put up a gate with Terry’s help of course, I was able to pay Mariel and Mj’s tuition fee at school from my own pocket and now I am planning to help Terry with our wedding expenses, in fact the next withdraw would be spend to our video and photographer expenses. Now I can do both at home earning money online while taking good care of my two kids. I can’t thank enough first my dear Terry for allowing me to resign from my work and the blogging community because even though I resigned from work, I can still earn money.

But to be a successful blogger, you should exert more effort to make your blog gain more traffic and PR, first your blog must easy to load when someone would visit your web site otherwise they will just leave you as that, not minding to read of the post that you had wrote in your blog. There are actually two tools on how to make a page load faster in a browser, first is what you call the page speed that featured in Firefox and the second one is the Yslow which can also give excellent ideas on how to improve your page so that it loads faster in a browser. If you want to know more how blog works, you may also visit the wikipedia for accurate explanation about blogging and how it really works. Well, one thing for sure is that blogging is not a spam, it is certainly an online diary for some people out there like me, who is gladly to share my experience and ventures in life as a Mom and soon to be a wife.


  • Joy

    I'm glad you've had good experiences blogging 🙂 Right now I'm blogging only for pleasure, I have a few ads up on my two blogs but they don't pull in more than a few cents a day. Maybe someday blogging will help pay the bills. 🙂 Not right now though. But I've always loved writing and having my blogs gives me a chance to share my writings and my life with other people. Which is nice.

  • anne

    At first this blog contains only my daily experiences, later on I applied it to paid post which was eventually approved, now I am reigning the enjoyment of the money that I received whenever my post was approved. I helps me a lot to pay kids tuition fees and some other stuff

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