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She’s Good Only In Math

Now that the class really starts, I am becoming very busy every time she arrives from the school as I am helping her to cope up her lessons. I am not saying that my eldest daughter is not that good, but there are times really that she doesn’t understand the lesson so easy. I have to concentrate on guiding her for her to get the idea. But with Math everything just went so smoothly while she finds the other subject very difficult.

I am prolonging my patience yet there are times that I really want to shout, I instead warned her if she won’t get the idea, the broom stick is just within my reach. She will then start to cry and would concentrate of what I am trying to point out; sometimes I will just go away in a while to hold my temper.

Last Friday when she arrived from school though, she immediately showed me the results of her two subject quizzes. She got a perfect score for Values and for English she got 7 out of 10, well not bad at all, right? I thought she won’t get that fair score because she seemed so lost the other night when we tried to review her notes, I thought she did not listened and understand me when I tried to have her short quiz with abbreviations, I thought she did not strive hard. I was wrong! She tried her best to learned all the subjects and not only Math. Today, she perfectly memorizes the verse that they have to recite by tomorrow as their oral exam.

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