She Also Entertained The Guests

Faith with the guests

enjoying herself with them

No one put her in there, she just climb the chair herself

During my niece birthday, my little baby Faith was also very accommodating to ate Mariel’s guests. In fact when we were so busy she did not throw fits at all and was just doing her own thin, like running back and forth in the house, showing her smile to the visitors, and talking to them with her own words. Words that she can only understand. She is not bugging anyone when we were helping Kuya James in the kitchen.

And when she is carried by some friends of Ate Mariel, she let them be and did not cried at all. She is smart to know that all the people around her were too busy and cannot attain her that much. She was even there cheering Ate Mariel’s when she blew her cake and made a wish, Faith is growing so fast and like Ate Mj she is an independent kiddo too.

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