A Storm Of Chances

I was so shocked when I open my account in a certain paid site right after I played Zuma; I got a total of 10 chances. My eyes were really bulging and even though it was already 4:00 p.m. I really tried so hard to stay awake to finish two sets of those chances. Terry did not know I slept too late last night and that when I chatted to him this morning I was almost out, well he would know when he will read this post though; I’ll just make sure that I will take a nap before I will go out today.

For the meantime I still have to finish two or more post and the rest will be later tonight when I get home, I am really so happy as I am really planning to spend my funds and help Terry to pay our wedding expenses, in my own little way. Mind you, he is not obliging me to pay some of the wedding expenses, but with the economy still down, it is practical for me to help him and I think that is what supposed to be what a wife should do, to share to him what I’ve got.

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